About the journey

I am going to travel to Gaziantep on the August 27th 2016 and to stay there until September 5th. As I have been very interested in the Syrian conflict, it should not come as a surprise that I chose Gaziantep – a Turkish border region – to be my travel destination.

Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011, Gaziantep has quickly evolved to be one of the hotspots of this conflict. Gaziantep is located approx. 100 kilometres (or 60 miles) north of Aleppo.

During my trip to Gaziantep, I will mainly focus on the topic of Syrian refugees in Turkey. While more than two million of Syrians reside in Turkey, more than 350.000 of them live in Gaziantep. I am going to speak to activists, refugees and residents alike, to explore the political implications of the massive influx of Syrian refugees from 2011 until today.